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Entrepreneurs Embracing Change

Tools for Tomorrow's Success Today

Fall 2009 Conference
for Entrepreneurs

The Fall 09 Conference for Entrepreneurs on Friday, September 11, was a day chock-full of valuable information from 12 outstanding speakers. It was terrific! Read what people are saying:

Thank you again for putting on a wonderful conference. The way it was organized contributed to being able to learn new things and take away nuggets that could be put into immediate use in my business. And the networking opportunities were fabulous. What a great group of people who were willing to share ideas.

When you do this again, I will tell people they HAVE to go. It was that worthwhile!

Emily Hall, Broker Associate/Owner
Keller Williams Realty Success

Thanks for a terrific experience. The entrepreneurs’ event was really something special. It was not easy choosing which four of the twelve breakout sessions to attend. I guess, that was because I couldn’t have made a wrong choice. Every session I attended was to the point, immediately useful and professionally delivered.

The format of the sample presentations was very effective. I also appreciated the 15-minute breaks between each event. As with all Make-it-Fly events, much of the value is in the conversations with other Make-it-Fly members. Friday was no exception. I made two connections, each of which alone was worth the price of admission.

I am looking forward to the next conference and will surely be on the early signup sheet. No one should miss the opportunity for this concentrated education and first-class relationship building.

Nik Nikkel
Nikkel Consulting

Gary Hawk, Clarity InternationalsHaving participated in an Advisory Board, I know how much service and guidance Make-it-Fly provides entrepreneurs by giving them a forum to gain the wisdom, tools and accountability to have their businesses excel. Therefore, I had high expectations when I attended the Entrepreneurs Embracing Change Conference. My expectations were exceeded! Every speaker gave me critical, proven ideas that I could put to work immediately to improve my business. Maybe more importantly, the content we were given reminded me of some critical business-building principles that I had forgotten. Make-it-Fly has been extremely helpful to my wife Cathy and me as we continue to improve our 15-year-old company and how we deliver our service to clients. I look forward to attending the next conference. Thank you for the work you do.

Gary Hawk, Managing Partner
Clarity International

Mark Turner,  Aspen Creek Landscaping“There was an incredible wealth of materials and great speakers at this retreat. It was like going to four different seminars on finances, the Internet, marketing and sales all rolled into one!”

Mark Turner
Aspen Creek Landscaping, Inc.

Lisa Grunden“The Make-it-Fly retreat was loaded with goodies. I went with the intention of getting one or two great ideas for adding SEO to my website. I got more than two ideas that I could implement straight away and also received an easy-to-do sales idea, a great marketing tip that I can easily implement and an easy-to-use formula for my finances. It was really tough to decide which speaker to see because they were all fantastic. I bought the videos so that I can watch again the presentations I saw and to watch those I had to skip during the retreat. Usually, it's great if you come away with one or two great ideas/techniques. Right now, I have at least 15! I’ve already implemented five of them.”
Lisa Grunden
Your Limitless Potential

George Tyler of DataPreserve, Colorado“What a great day of learning from local experts! I walked away with two or three tasks from each session that I could immediately perform to increase the efficiency of my new business. The day went by so fast, I wasn’t ready for it to end.”

George Tyler

Diane Sweat“The Make-it-Fly Fall Conference offered one of the best-organized, most information-packed days I have ever spent. An incredible array of twelve speakers in four break-out sessions were offered, and it was very difficult to choose one over another. Amy Graham took a necessary but often-neglected subject—business finances—and presented it in such a way that I felt she was speaking directly to me. Dick Bruso’s subject—Creating an Authentic & Dynamic Brand—had a lot of very useful information in a 45-minute presentation. I highly recommend that anyone who can spend a day should take advantage of it if it’s offered again.”
Diane Sweat
Sr. Manager
Send Out Cards

Katie Wallace “Wow! I have only attended some Make-it-Fly events and I am absolutely blown away. About four months ago I started my own business. Over the last few months I have learned quite a bit, but nothing compared to what I learned when I attended the Entrepreneurs Embracing Change conference. Not only did I meet the most innovative, intelligent, caring, successful entrepreneurs on the planet, but I also learned some simple little things to do that will make a huge impact on my business—immediately. I learned how to get more visits to my website with little to no charge (thanks to Mike of seOverflow), which is huge if you have ever done pay-per-click advertising; how to be more intelligent with business finances and spending habits along with the goals you need to set for yourself (thanks to Amy Wayz to Wealth LLC); how to introduce myself and what I do to strangers in a more exciting, fun way to get more clients (thanks to Marty of PosiDyne Group), and how to make my business and me stand out better than my competition by developing my very own "brand” (thanks to Dick of Heard Above the Noise). The knowledge I gained and fun I had is worth thousands of dollars! If you have a business of your own you must check out Make-it-Fly because they will help you get your business soaring! I can't wait to learn more and am looking forward to achieving amazing success with the help of Make-It-Fly. “
Katie Wallace
First Financial Security of CO

Bill Eck“The Make-it-Fly Entrepreneurs Conference addressed issues like Internet presence, networking, accounting systems, presentations and growing revenues so participants could harness practical business methods and secrets. The format provided an opportunity to customize the information to your needs via the experts presenting. Take advantage of the next one!”

Bill Eck   
True North Connections, LLC

“At the conclusion of the conference, I was glad I wisely invested time to gain valuable insight into the rapidly changing landscape of business and the need to creatively adapt. I walked away with resources I can immediately implement and timely advice from a wide spectrum of experts.”
Ruby Mayeda

Entrepreneurs Embracing Change

Barbara Brannen, Keynote Speaker

Keynote Address:
"So Many Secrets - So Little Time"

By Barbara Brannen
Best-selling author, speaker, teacher and situational expert

“Today’s entrepreneur has challenges that are virtually unparalleled. Between the economy, the Internet and the forces of nature, the business person in 2009 and 2010 will be going into unknown territories more than ever before. Fortunately, today’s business owners also have access to some of the best information and resources to meet these challenges. The world is literally exploding with good tools on a daily basis. To make it all work for you; finding the time, finding the secrets, and implementing all this new information requires something special. In this presentation we will give you 10 quick tips to help with all three of those challenges.  We will play with you a little to keep you light on your feet and ready to grab the brass ring on what is out there to help you.”

There were also be Panels of Experts and Breakout Sessions on:

Using the Internet to Make Your Business Fly
  Mike Belasco of seOverflow, Soar with "Local" Search Engine Optimization
Click here to read more.

Financial Vital SignsTM—How to Survive and Thrive in the Current Economy
Amy Graham of Wayz to Wealth, Business Finances – Are You Master or Slave?
Click here to read more.
Eric Martin of ProfitWise, Frugality Mentality – 101+ Ways to save $$$s and Boost Profits
Click here to read more.
Jeff Prager of Backroom Management Services, Turning your Financial Systems into a Competitive Weapon
Click here to read more.
Marketing to Attract More Clients in a Changing World
  Dick Bruso of Heard Above The Noise, The Three Keys to Creating an Authentic and Dynamic Brand
Click here to read more.
  Angela Libby Jankousky of Turning Point Presentations, Memorable and Masterful: Presentations that Attract Business
Click here to read more.
  Nancy Levenson of Namasteworks Yoga + Wellness, LLC, Seva:  Manifest Success Through Selfless Giving
Click here to read more.
Selling Will Never Be the Same—Find Out What Makes it Different Now
  Chris Calzone of Sonar Selling, LLC, Create a Highly Profitable Sales Funnel
Click here to read more.
  Marty Wolff of PosiDyne Group, How To Increase Revenue Without Selling
Click here to read more.
  John Geiman of Top Line Growth, Purposeful, Prosperous, Prospecting
Click here to read more.

About the Workshop Presenters:

Using the Internet to Make Your Business Fly

Mike BelascoMike Belasco of seOverflow, Soar with "Local" Search Engine Optimization
Mike Belasco is the president of seOverflow, an interactive marketing firm specializing in providing outsourced search engine optimization and pay per click management services to web designers, marketing consultants, SEO companies, and directly to businesses. Their services include search engine optimization, keyword research, social media campaigns, site audit reports, pay per click campaigns, viral marketing campaigns, and website analytics consulting. seOverflow's full range of solutions has helped their clients produce positive results including increasing website traffic, improving website usability, and converting more visitors into customers. Mike Belasco is a certified Yahoo Search Marketing Ambassador, and a writer for and In addition, Mike's blog won the 'Best Local Search Blog of 2006' awarded by Search Engine Journal.

Financial Vital SignsTM—How to Survive and Thrive in the Current Economy
Amy GrahamAmy Graham of Wayz to Wealth, Business Finances – Are You Master or Slave?
Amy Graham founded Wayz To Wealth, LLC after 19 years of working with and owning small businesses. She has spent her career in accounting and consulting for small business owners who didn’t have formal accounting systems because they didn’t see the need. As an entrepreneur and teacher at heart, her specialty lies in helping these owners learn why their company’s financial statements are important to their everyday decisions and the accomplishment of their business and personal goals no matter what size their business. She is dedicated to providing the tools and resources that help them remember their businesses should be serving their lives – not the other way around.

Amy received her BA in 1988 and has been a member of the AIPB, founder of the Aurora chapter of Dynamic Business Achievers, a certified Quickbooks Pro Advisor and a member of the board for Streets Hope. Amy also serves as a board facilitator with Make-it-Fly® Denver and is an active member of the worship team at Harvest Community Church.

Eric MartinEric Martin of ProfitWise, Frugality Mentality – 101+ Ways to save $$$s and Boost Profits
Eric Martin is the Chief Financial Officer for Tennyson Center for Children. He joined Tennyson after spending several years working in a variety of capacities in several industries. Eric's 16 years of professional history includes roles in finance, accounting, operations, marketing, real estate and law. Most of his career has been spent working with smaller organizations – he has a particular passion for small business and thoroughly enjoys the unique challenges and opportunities that come from working with them.

In his spare time, Mr. Martin has written an eBook entitled Frugality Mentality: How to Increase Profits without Increasing Sales. Frugality Mentality is specifically written for small businesses, professionals and smaller non-profit organizations. The book focuses on the importance of frugality in small business and offers hundreds of simple, low-cost strategies, tips and tools to help small businesses reduce their overhead spending and create new profit from the same level of revenue.

Eric graduated from CU-Boulder's business school, earned his MBA from CU-Denver and also graduated from the DU School of Law.

Jeff PragerJeff Prager of Backroom Management Services, Turning your Financial Systems into a Competitive Weapon
Backroom Management Services provides education, support and software designed specifically for the construction and related industries. Jeff is a CPA and teaches economics at CU Denver. He grew Strauss Homes from a start-up to a $26 million home building firm while at the same time was the CFO of Gateway American Properties. Having run his own businesses for years, he is familiar with the problems most companies face. His vision is to help companies become more effective and efficient through streamlined bookkeeping and accounting, clear financial management and strategic planning. Backroom Management Services provides powerful yet simple and easy-to-use tools, and most importantly, the people and the expertise to bridge the gap between financial data and the information required by business owners in order to make effective decisions. The key to financial success is financial clarity combined with a realistic strategic plan.

Marketing to Attract More Clients in a Changing World
Dick Bruso of Heard Above the NoiseDick Broso of Heard Above The Noise, The Three Keys to Creating an Authentic and Dynamic Brand
Dick Bruso, international speaker and founder of Heard Above The Noise®, is a highly regarded branding expert. For the past fifteen years he has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and business leaders one-on-one throughout North America, in creating and implementing powerful branding, marketing and media strategies. Dick’s revolutionary approach to brand development and expansion has catapulted many of his clients to the top of their fields.

Angela Libby JankouskyAngela Libby Jankousky of Turning Point Presentations, Memorable and Masterful: Presentations that Attract Business
Angela Libby Jankousky is a speaking coach and writer, specializing in technical and business topics. She helps entrepreneurs and business people give presentations that attract business. Prior to founding Turning Point Presentations, Angela was an engineer, manager and executive in mining and manufacturing corporations. She has also served as an adjunct faculty member at the University of Colorado at Boulder, the University of Denver, and Red Rocks Community College.

Nancy LevensonNancy Levenson of Namasteworks Yoga + Wellness, LLC, Seva:  Manifest Success Through Selfless Giving
Nancy Levenson is founder of NamasteWorks Yoga + Wellness, LLC., a premier provider of mind/body wellness services.

Nancy spent her 25+ year business career working for major publishing and telecommunications corporations as a strategic marketing executive. Her marketing imprint helped grow the assets of, The Business Journal Chain, The San Diego Union Tribune, Tele-communications, Inc., and Encore Media Group. Prior to founding NamasteWorks Yoga, Nancy served as Vice President of Marketing for WISDOM Television, the mind, body and spirit network, now LIME TV. Nancy graduated magna cum laude with a BA in Mass Communications from the University of Denver.

Selling Will Never Be the Same—Find Out What Makes it Different Now
Chris CalzonChris Calzone of Sonar Selling, LLC, Create a Highly Profitable Sales Funnel
Chris Calzone is a Certified Industrial Consultant with nearly 20 years of professional sales experience. Using a systematic approach to sales and marketing he doubled the size of two sales territories in the last ten years!

Chris is the author of Sonar Selling: Territory Management 101, Trafford Publishing 2003, which was featured in the Denver Business Journal’s Strategies Spotlight.

Winner of 7 national sales awards including the President’s Club, Sales Masters Award, Salesman of the Year, and National Sales Manager of the Year, Chris has refined a series of strategies and techniques designed to help other business professionals achieve their sales goals.

Marty WolffMarty Wolff of PosiDyne Group, How To Increase Revenue Without Selling
Marty Wolff has over thirty-nine years’ progressive education, marketing, sales and management experience in human fulfillment and organizational development. Specializing in startup, dysfunctional and turnaround situations, He was previously National Sales Manager for divisions of Kenwood and North American Phillips.

An international marketing strategist, Marty has made board level presentations on four continents and eight countries to such companies as GE, Haworth and Motorola. Marty has also balanced Fortune 500 corporate experience with operating a $5M manufacturing concern dealing in the international arena. In the last two years, he has consulted with over 150 entrepreneurial organizations throughout the United States and Canada.

John GeimanJohn Geiman of Top Line Growth, Purposeful, Prosperous, Prospecting
For over 25 years, John has held various leadership rolls in three Colorado corporations. While at Cook Communications, Colorado Springs, John provided leadership for marketing, sales and as V. P., division head of a $50M international publishing division with 320 employees in Illinois and Colorado. At Group Publishing, Loveland, Colorado, John was on the corporate leadership team with oversight of worldwide sales.

Since 2004, John has been a principal and authorized licensee of Sandler Training,, with offices in Loveland and Northglenn, Colorado.

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