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November 2, 2010
Volume 7, Issue 19

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A Note From Dave & Victoria

Recently, members of an Advisory Board 101 gathered for a celebration party at a member’s home. It’s encouraging to see how these business owners help each other and have fun together, even after the official program has been completed.

In addition to speaking regularly on Dave’s Upside Down Networking, Dave gave a seminar this week at a client’s office for his staff. He showed them how to build great relationships with their clients that will result in more referrals.

At home, we’re savoring the last produce from our amazing container garden--it’s kept us in daily salads all summer!

Our very best regards,

Dave and Victoria

Business Owner in the Spotlight

Lisa Michaud of The Startup LauncherLisa Michaud
The Startup Launcher

The Startup Launcher was launched in order to help new business owners put together the nuts and bolts of their new businesses.  From entity set up and registration to business licensing and tax compliance, the Startup Launcher can get your new business on track right from the beginning.

Owner Lisa Michaud says, “Opening your doors for business requires a couple of systems to help manage your accounting, contacts and marketing efforts. The Startup Launcher specializes in walking you through everything that you will need to maintain your business information.”

This includes

Accounting set up

Contact relationship monitoring
Point of Sale programs
Inventory management
Filing systems
Email programs

Launched in February of 2010, the Startup Launcher also offers marketing and admin help.

Q: What do you find most fulfilling about running your business?
LM: Watching my clients see the results from our work together.

Q: What motivated you to start this business?
LM: I have always wanted to start my own business. Two years ago, I decided to leave the corporate world to begin my own venture. After being in small business management for 15 years, then professional sales servicing the small business market, creating my own vision is a dream that is now happening every day. I spent several years helping people start their businesses through a past sales position. I have also been marketing companies through guerilla marketing techniques (such as social media) throughout my career.  Originally, I entered the professional world through the sales arena to really understand the psychology behind buying behaviors. Now I am able to take that knowledge and put it to practical use.

Q: What book has been most helpful to you in your business?
LM: There are really too many to choose just one, but The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing by Al Ries and Jack Trout still lives in my purse. I reference it often.

Q: Who has influenced you most in your life?
LM: My mother was a huge influence. She always encouraged me to reach for the stars.

Q: What has proved to be your most successful marketing strategy?
LM: So far, providing great service to my clients, which has resulted in more referrals than I know what to do with! Of course, my social media strategy is also working well, as this is a big piece of my service offering in general.

Q: What have been the greatest challenges you have had to overcome, or are currently facing, in your business?
LM: Duplicating myself. I have begun to grow rapidly so finding the balance between revenue production and employees/contractors has been a constant area of concentration.

Q: How did you benefit from participating in a Make-it-Fly® board?
LM: My business dreams would not have been a reality without Make-it-Fly®. When I first enrolled, I was in corporate sales and wanted to learn more about how the mind of an entrepreneur works. Once I decided to make the leap into business ownership myself, Make-it-Fly® was my first phone call. Having someone hold me accountable to my business is critical. As I am sure so many other business owners have experienced, working on my own business takes a back seat to servicing my clients. Make-it-Fly® gives me a chance to really examine my own growth on a regular basis.

Q: What would you say to other business owners who are contemplating getting involved in a Make-it-Fly® board?

LM:The first blog I posted to the world as The Startup Launcher was advice on enrolling in a class such as Make-it-Fly® right out of the gate. Giving yourself the opportunity to speak with other like-minded individuals and hold each other accountable to the growth of our businesses was invaluable.

Lisa Michaud of The Startup Launcher

Lisa Michaud can be reached by phone at: 303-881-9409, or visit her website at

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Dave Block, Co-Founder of Make-it-FlyDave’s Networking Nugget:

Holiday networking ideas to consider:

- Host a group holiday event to thank your power partners and those who’ve referred clients or given you helpful introductions.

- Throw a client appreciation party and encourage guests to bring their friends and business associates.

- Organize a mid-week ski trip with clients, potential clients and/or associates. Use travel time to visit.

- Invite people to a pre-game Nuggets or Avalanche mixer.

Feature Article

Victoria Munro
Focused Thinking Is Powerful

By Victoria Munro

Focused thoughts are powerful, like the intensified light in a laser beam. Author and speaker Lee J. Colan, Ph.D. describes this well:

“Consider two sources of energy: the sun and a laser. The sun is a powerful source of energy. It showers the earth with billions of kilowatts of energy every hour. Yet, with a hat and some sunscreen, you can bask in the sunlight for hours with few negative effects. On the other hand, a laser is a weak source of energy. A laser takes a few watts of energy and focuses them in a cohesive stream of light. But with a laser, you can drill a hole in a diamond or defeat a cancer. That’s the power of focus!”

Schedule regular time each day or each week to think about and focus on what is truly important to you. This isn’t time wasted. In our fast-paced lives where multitasking has become the norm, our thoughts easily become scattered and muddled. Focused, uninterrupted time spent clarifying ideas, brainstorming solutions, reflecting on decisions and planning for the future can move you light years ahead.

Choose a Place to Think
Find somewhere quiet, away from distractions. If you can’t find a good think place at the office or home, try the local library or a corner in a hotel lobby. I used to drive daily to my secret think place in a park overlooking a lake, turn off my cell phone and take out a pad of paper and pen to record my thoughts and bright ideas.

Think Creatively
Be open to new ideas. Don’t assume that everything in your business is the best it can be—always be thinking of possible improvements.

Pictures are powerful—think in pictures. Ask yourself, “What would a perfect solution to this problem look like?” Imagine it.

Challenge the Status Quo
Just because you’ve always done something a particular way, or because everyone else does it that way, doesn’t mean it can’t be further enhanced. Be innovative and resourceful—put your imagination to work and come up with better, more productive, fun or faster ways of doing things. List and weigh the merits of many possible solutions to problems.

Beware of Negative or Restrictive Thoughts
It’s easy to suppose that something can’t be done, just because it’s never been done before. If the Wright brothers had believed that flight was impossible for man, they never would have worked so hard to build the first flying machine.

Take Time Out to Think
Rags-to-riches millionaire and philanthropist Peter Daniels has created successful ventures around the world. In The Power of Focus, authors Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Les Hewitt write, “When asked what turned his life from triple indebtedness to unprecedented success, he (Peter Daniels) replied, ‘I scheduled time to think. In fact, I reserve one day a week on my calendar just to think. All of my greatest ideas, opportunities and money-making ventures started with the days I took off to think.’”

If a day, or even half a day a week, sounds like too much, start with an hour. During the week, make note of questions and ideas that come to mind, as well as problems and challenges you run into. Then use your think time to come up with imaginative solutions. Keep a journal or notebook to record your thoughts.

“Focused thinking removes distractions and mental clutter so that you can concentrate on an issue and think with clarity. That’s crucial, because if you don’t know what the target is, how will you ever hit it?” ~ John C. Maxwell, Thinking for a Change

During your think time, focus on your goals and what is important to you—what you value and care about most. Focused thinking will prove an excellent investment of your time and yield a harvest of rewards you’ll enjoy!

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To read more, check out Victoria's Blog.

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Victoria’s Time / Balance Tip

Our Own Thoughts Can Interrupt Us
Whether it’s a brilliant idea unrelated to what you’re doing that flashes through your mind, or an important topic you need to discuss with a client, sudden thoughts like these can disrupt our flow. Stopping the task at hand to get up and fix a problem or make a call isn’t efficient. Keep a Conference Planner handy where you can jot down a quick note and return to your work. Later, address these thoughts and take appropriate action.

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Jay Murray of Solutions for Tuition says, “Before working with Turning Point Presentations, 3% of my audience members typically requested appointments to learn more. Now, it’s over 50% and my business is thriving.

Angela Libby Jankousky

Angela Libby Jankousky

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Rev NetworkingUp to 16 professionals, each representing one profession, meet one on one at customized speed networking events, allowing you the opportunity to have a five-minute conversation with each participant to generate leads, referrals and business. Rev Networking is not a group, as you will meet new professionals every time and people that attend are serious about growing their business by networking and power partnering with other professionals.

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Refueling Recommendations

The Make-it-Fly® Advisory Board 101

Each Make-it-Fly® Advisory Board 101 program consists of 8-10 non-competing business owners who meet once a month for three consecutive months. In the spirit of giving, they offer each other solutions, ideas, resources and encouragement. Dave and Victoria facilitate each group and share powerful tools to assist business owners in reaching their goals and living more balanced lives.

If you have experienced a Make-it-Fly® Advisory Board, please share the following openings with other business owners who need support. Call Dave for more information at 720-962-8888.

Programs are held from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Next Advisory Board 101 in Denver:

  • Friday's
    January 7, February 4, March 4, April 1, May 6, June 3
  • Thursday's
    January 20, February 17, March 17, April 21, may 19, June 16

Click here to sign up for an Advisory Board.
Or call Dave at 720-962-8888.

Alumni Boards are groups of 12-14 small business owners who have participated in at least one Make-it-Fly® Advisory Board 101 and wish to continue the support and accountability with a group of like-minded, giving business associates. Members meet once a month for a three-hour meeting. If you completed the initial Make-it-Fly® Advisory Board 101 and are interested in more information on Alumni Boards, call Dave at 720-962-8888.

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