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Feature Article: Are Your Prospective Clients Hearing You?

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Bruce Granger
Herbal Connections – Cherry Creek

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September 22, 2010
Volume 7, Issue 17

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A Note From Dave & Victoria

The end of summer is always a special time—new fall activities starting, shorter days and usually glorious weather. We’ve been playing some very competitive tennis, enjoying produce from our ‘garden’ and helping the Rockies make their amazing run toward the playoffs. Dave recently got to watch them win their 10th game in a row!

Dave is also working hard on his new book on networking. We’ll keep you updated on that.

Because of conflicting schedules, the free teleclass, Your Business or Your Life! (designed to help listeners balance business and life) that Victoria is participating in has been postponed until Thursday, September 30 at 7 p.m. Click here to sign up. If you can't listen that night, you'll be able to download the recording.

Our very best regards,

Dave and Victoria

Business Owner in the Spotlight

Bruce Granger
Herbal Connections – Cherry Creek

Since medical marijuana came on the scene, there’s been a learning curve educating people about which conditions it treats. Opened in January, 2010, Herbal Connections – Cherry Creek is a medical marijuana center, and Bruce Granger is an expert. “Our patients are people who find great relief in medical marijuana (MMJ),” he says.

Bruce Granger of Herbal Connections – Cherry Creek

The conditions that the state deems adequate to receive this medicine are cancer; glaucoma; HIV/AIDS and the associated treatments; chronic or debilitating diseases and medical conditions, and associated treatments; conditions that produce, for a specific patient, one or more of the following: cachexia; severe pain; severe nausea; seizures, including those that are characteristic of epilepsy; or persistent muscle spasms, including those that are characteristic of multiple sclerosis; or any other medical condition, or treatment for such condition, approved by the state health agency, pursuant to its rulemaking authority or its approval of any petition submitted by a patient or physician as provided in this section (“Sorry for the legal mumbo-jumbo,” Bruce says, “but it’s necessary.”).

“We are an upscale, beautifully appointed store,” he explains. “Our goal is to make the patient feel safe and secure at all times; we even have a security guard to walk you to your car. It was our goal to build a place where women would feel safe and comfortable. Women know lots of men, and men follow their lead.”

Q: What do you find most fulfilling about running your business?
BG: I love the patients and have the pleasure of watching people get better right in front of my eyes. For instance, we had a patient who started with us back in February. She walked in weighting about 85 pounds. She was in the middle of chemotherapy, and she said she had not eaten in about a month without throwing up. We found a strain of MMJ that kept her nausea at bay, and within 45 days, she was up to about 125. It was a miracle to me.

Q: What motivated you to start this business?
BG: I hurt myself 40 years ago skiing. Ever since surgery for that, my legs have pulsated when I sleep. However, I figured out by my mid-twenties that, if I smoked marijuana before I went to sleep, I could sleep without any pulsating, I thought this was just because I was getting high. I later found out that marijuana is a great anti-inflammatory with no negative side effects. It is the fact that now I could tell people about the great benefit of this medicine with no impact on my liver. With regards to my knowledge and background growing this product, I had NONE, but just like anything else, there are a lot of people out there who do.

Q: What book has been most helpful to you in your business?
BG: Marijuana Horticulture by Jorge Cervantes.

Q: Who has influenced you most in your life?
BG: My grandfather, Martin Block.

Q: What has proved to be your most successful marketing strategy?
BG: Word of mouth.

Q: What have been the greatest challenges you have had to overcome, or are currently facing, in your business?
BG: Growing too fast.

Q: How did you benefit from participating in a Make-it-Fly® board?
BG: Dave Block and the Make-it-Fly® group have an incredible ability to put people together that really make a difference. I learned a great deal about marketing and corporate structure, two things I needed help with.

Q: What would you say to other business owners who are contemplating getting involved in a Make-it-Fly® board?
BG: If you are interested in growing your business, make the time. It will be one of the greatest things you will ever do for your business.

Bruce Granger can be reached by phone at: 303-565-3600. Or send him an email at:

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Dave Block, Co-Founder of Make-it-FlyDave’s Networking Nugget:

If networking isn’t producing the results you want, ask yourself why. Then be open to receive new understanding and make some changes. If you focus on yourself, what you offer and your own needs when you talk to people at events, you won’t successfully connect with other people. Learn to turn the spotlight on the person you’re talking to.

Feature Article

Victoria Munro
Are Your Prospective Clients Hearing You?

By Victoria Munro

Unless you really know and understand your prospective clients—their hopes and dreams, how they think and feel, and what keeps them awake at night—they may not listen to what you have to say.

When writing a marketing plan recently, I began by dividing prospective customers into categories. Now I’m tackling the fun part—creating buyer personas for each of these market segments. My personas—the fictional characters for whom I’ll write copy—are not the same age or gender. And because they have different concerns, wants, likes and dislikes, generic text about the company and its amazing products simply won’t work. They don’t care about that! When I write, I need to empathize with these potential customers and relate to their specific needs. Writing for someone you know is also easier and a lot more effective.

Anyone who knows Andy Cleary of Orbit Design knows ‘Martha.’ Andy tells this story: ”My boss, Street Hale, told me that my writing style wasn't fit for humans. He pasted ‘Martha’ in front of my face and told me to read everything I wrote out loud to that ‘persona.’ Strange, but Martha fixed my writing style and continues to help me to this day.”

Whether you started your business last week or decades ago, creating realistic personas will help you write more effective marketing copy. Start by using the Internet to gather data on your ideal customers. If you’ve been in business for some time, you’ll have stats on your best clients and can use that real-life data to create personas.

Create Your Personas
Write a vivid description for each buyer persona; flesh out as many attributes as you can. Don’t be generic. Start with gender, age, income level, education, and marital status.

Include answers to the following questions:

What does she do and where does she work?

How does she spend her time? What does her daily calendar look like?

Where does she live? What type of car does she drive?

What are her goals and dreams?

What does she worry about?

What does she read? (Make sure you’re reading what she reads and, in your marketing copy, use those words and phrases she’s familiar with.)

What are her purchasing limitations?

What is her preferred media type? Does she like text? Would audio or video be preferable?

Mary Walewski of By The Book Marketing helps authors profit from blogging and social media. In a recent blog post, she suggests making your ideal customer as real to you as your invisible childhood friend.

Because markets, the web and media are continually changing, your personas and their preferences will often need to be updated.

Buyer personas are priceless marketing tools that help you understand and communicate with your audience. You’ll see life from their point of view as you write copy and communicate via video or audio, and they’ll be much more likely to listen and buy.

Click here for printed version.

To read more, check out Victoria's Blog.

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Victoria’s Time / Balance Tip

Plan Pre-Arranged Rewards
When you have to stop a project you’re working on to respond to an interruption, take a few seconds first to make a note of where you are and what you plan to do next. This will help you bounce back more quickly afterwards.

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Make-it-Fly Marketplace

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Jay Murray of Solutions for Tuition says, “Before working with Turning Point Presentations, 3% of my audience members typically requested appointments to learn more. Now, it’s over 50% and my business is thriving.

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Angela Libby Jankousky

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Rev NetworkingUp to 16 professionals, each representing one profession, meet one on one at customized speed networking events, allowing you the opportunity to have a five-minute conversation with each participant to generate leads, referrals and business. Rev Networking is not a group, as you will meet new professionals every time and people that attend are serious about growing their business by networking and power partnering with other professionals.

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Refueling Recommendations

The Make-it-Fly® Advisory Board 101

Each Make-it-Fly® Advisory Board 101 program consists of 8-10 non-competing business owners who meet once a month for three consecutive months. In the spirit of giving, they offer each other solutions, ideas, resources and encouragement. Dave and Victoria facilitate each group and share powerful tools to assist business owners in reaching their goals and living more balanced lives.

If you have experienced a Make-it-Fly® Advisory Board, please share the following openings with other business owners who need support. Call Dave for more information at 720-962-8888.

Programs are held from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Next Advisory Board 101 in Denver:

  • Fridays - September 10, October 8, November 12, December 3.

Click here to sign up for an Advisory Board.
Or call Dave at 720-962-8888.

Alumni Boards are groups of 12-14 small business owners who have participated in at least one Make-it-Fly® Advisory Board 101 and wish to continue the support and accountability with a group of like-minded, giving business associates. Members meet once a month for a three-hour meeting. If you completed the initial Make-it-Fly® Advisory Board 101 and are interested in more information on Alumni Boards, call Dave at 720-962-8888.

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