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March 2, 2010
Volume 7, Issue 05

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A Note From Dave & Victoria

We enjoyed seeing many of you at our Make-it-Fly Café at The Wellshire Inn last Thursday. In addition to networking, guests were able to participate in brainstorming sessions led by experts on different topics. In addition to changing the Café format, we’ve been experimenting with smaller Advisory Boards this year. This has resulted in more open and deeper discussions and a greater camaraderie among members. Yesterday, we started our 71st Advisory Board 101.

On March 10 we’ll host a Rev Networking event at our office. This is concentrated networking, where up to 18 professionals, each representing a different profession, meet one on one in a structured speed-networking format. Should be fun! If you’d like to join us that evening (4:15 to 7 p.m.), call Marilyn Manning to register.

Our very best regards,

Dave and Victoria

Rev Networking
Business Owner in the Spotlight

Beth Boen, CreativeXchange MarketingBeth Boen
CreativeXchange Marketing

Beth Boen’s marketing philosophy is so basic it almost seems simplistic: Design a marketing plan. Work your marketing plan.  Follow through on marketing tasks. “Marketing does not magically happen,” Beth says. “It takes work.” But the results are often dramatic, as evidenced by Beth’s legion of raving fans.

In business since 2005, CreativeXchange Marketing is a full-service marketing firm offering marketing planning, marketing consulting, website design and development, branding, PR and publicity. CreativeXchange specializes in producing business growth through effective high-ROI marketing.

Q: What do you find most fulfilling about running your business?
BB: Getting results for our clients and helping them grow their businesses.  Orchestrating all their marketing efforts to be in sync with one another allowing for effective marketing.

Q: What motivated you to start this business?
BB: I started my corporate career 23 years ago while still in college. I went to school for marketing and have worked in it ever since. I absolutely love it! I was motivated to start my company when I had my son Ethan and my corporate job was over an hour away from home. It was either find another job or start my own business. I had job offers but turned them down so I could have more time with my newborn. Little did I know how big both these new jobs (mom and business owner) were going to be for me. 

Q: What book has been most helpful to you in your business?
BB: My new favorite book is entitled Outstanding! 47 Ways to Make Your Organization Exceptional by John G. Miller. John G. Miller is one of my favorite authors and his book The QBQ! The Question Behind the Question was impactful for me when I started my business, as it taught me how to practice personal accountability in business and in life. If you want to be successful in business there is no room for making excuses.

Q: Who has influenced you most in your life?
BB: My parents and how they raised me to be a believer in God and the Bible. They taught me good work ethic, honesty and integrity. 

Q: What has proved to be your most successful marketing strategy?
BB: Building a great reputation by striving for 100% client satisfaction.  Going the extra mile for clients and always doing what is in their best interest. This has provided me with many referrals both from my clients and with my referral partners.

Q: What have been the greatest challenges you have had to overcome, or are currently facing, in your business?
BB: Right now, we are having some growing pains, which is a good thing. Our business has been on a steady rise for several months. We recently found the right person to add to our team and hope she will help us take our business to the next level. In the past, it has been juggling being a good mom, wife and business owner.

Q: How did you benefit from participating in a Make-it-Fly® board?
BB: Recently my board helped me figure out how to deal with my growing pains. They were instrumental in getting me on the right track. The support and encouragement they have shown me is remarkable. Additionally, because we are so busy, it is easy to not work on my own business with the goals we have to grow it. But, with having an accountability partner each month there is no room for pushing my business goals aside.

Q: What would you say to other business owners who are contemplating getting involved in a Make-it-Fly® board?
BB: Whether you are a start up business, an entrepreneur who is flying solo, or having growing pains, Make-it-Fly® can be very beneficial in many ways.  If you are committed to being successful, you should check out Make-it-Fly®.

Beth Boen can be reached by phone at: 303-981-1541, or visit her web site at:

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Dave Block, Co-Founder of Make-it-FlyDave’s Networking Nugget:

Learn and grow in your networking skills by reading. Set a goal to read six books on networking over the next six months. See how your improved networking skills help you attract more clients—and the type you enjoy working with.

Feature Article

Victoria MunroMake it Easy for Customers to Buy
The Pricing Dilemma Part II
By Victoria Munro

Deciding what to charge for a product can be a challenge, but setting the price for a service can prove even more perplexing. Pricing is more art than science. There are no hard and fast rules, other than making sure you cover your costs (including all overhead costs) and make a profit. Many books have been written and much advice given on this subject, but there is no neat one-size-fits-all formula that’s guaranteed to work.

It’s obviously important to consider the potential lifetime value of a client, know your competitors’ prices, the demand for what you offer and how you want to be perceived in the marketplace. What you charge, as well as the quality you provide, can dictate how potential customers will view your company. You might choose to offer bare-bones bargains, as many new business owners do. Or you can decide to become known as a company offering exclusive, top-quality service at premium prices. In other words, you can position yourself as the Ritz Carlton or the Super 8 in your field, or something in between.

You can bundle items and sell more for less, announce occasional sales and/or offer special discounts. The possibilities are endless.

Design Packages that Sell
Clients want choices, but not too many of them. Offering too much variety complicates the buying process, forcing customers to make difficult decisions. Offering three packages can make buying easy for clients and boost your sales. People understand a simple three-tiered approach—silver, gold and platinum choices.

Package One
This might be the basic no-frills service. You may not make a huge profit here, but it allows new customers to try your service with little risk. If they like your service, they’ll be much more likely to buy more, perhaps at the next level. One important thing to remember is that selling a one-time service isn’t the goal—establishing an ongoing relationship with your customers is.

Package Two
This is the most popular package—the one you really want customers to buy. Studies show that, when faced with three choices, we’re most likely to choose the middle offering. Not everyone is looking for the cheapest price. Adding a higher-priced premium package gives buyers a baseline to compare prices, and may make your middle package seen as more reasonably priced.

Package Three
A premium offering might be the one that takes a great deal of your time, energy and attention. Offering a deluxe service can also discourage purchasers of the mid-level package from requesting extra free services that are hard to refuse.

Several years ago, I worked with a wedding photographer. She loved what she did and was very good at it, but hated dealing with mothers of brides who frequently asked her to wait around, taking far more time than originally agreed on. Her solution was to offer a four-hour wedding package at her regular price and another price for the entire day. Since she didn’t want to spend an entire day at one event, she set the “all-day price” (her premium package) at $25,000. To her surprise, two clients purchased the package that year.

Packaging your services at three levels can make it easy for potential clients to buy.

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To read more, check out Victoria's Blog.

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Victoria’s Time / Balance Tip

Multitasking May Be Unproductive
As business owners, we typically have several projects crying for our attention at once. But it’s more productive and less stressful to prioritize those tasks, focus on one and, if possible, finish it before tackling the next. Recent studies show that multitasking increases stress, hinders progress and causes us to be less efficient.

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Make-it-Fly Marketplace

Sharpen Your Speaking Skills this Year
at a Presentation Dojo

You worked hard on your presentation and afterward several people came up to compliment you on it. You think, “That’s nice, but I didn’t get any business.” If you want to grow your business through public speaking, enroll in the Presentation Dojo.

Jay Murray of Solutions for Tuition says, “Before working with Turning Point Presentations, 3% of my audience members typically requested appointments to learn more. Now, it’s over 50% and my business is thriving.

Angela Libby Jankousky

Angela Libby Jankousky

Rev Networking

Rev NetworkingUp to 20 professionals, each representing one profession, meet one on one at customized speed networking events, allowing you the opportunity to have a five-minute conversation with each participant to generate leads, referrals and business. Rev Networking is not a group, as you will meet new professionals every time and people that attend are serious about growing their business by networking and power partnering with other professionals.

Registration Referral Reward – Register and refer a new registering professional, and you both receive $20 off your attendance fee.

Reservation only $68
Marilyn Manning 303-763-1865

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Refueling Recommendations

The Make-it-Fly® Advisory Board 101

Each Make-it-Fly® Advisory Board 101 program consists of 8-10 non-competing business owners who meet once a month for five consecutive months. In the spirit of giving, they offer each other solutions, ideas, resources and encouragement. Dave and Victoria facilitate each group and share powerful tools to assist business owners in reaching their goals and living more balanced lives.

If you have experienced a Make-it-Fly® Advisory Board, please share the following openings with other business owners who need support. Call Dave for more information at 720-962-8888.

Programs are held from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Next Advisory Board 101 in Denver:

  • Tuesdays - April 13, May 11, June 8, July 13, August 10, September 14
  • Tuesdays - May 4, June 1, July 6, August 3, September 7, October 5
  • Mondays - June 1, July 5, August 2, August 30, October 4, November 1

Click here to sign up for an Advisory Board.
Or call Dave at 720-962-8888.

Alumni Boards are groups of 12-14 small business owners who have participated in at least one Make-it-Fly® Advisory Board 101 and wish to continue the support and accountability with a group of like-minded, giving business associates. Members meet once a month for a three-hour meeting. If you completed the initial Make-it-Fly® Advisory Board 101 and are interested in more information on Alumni Boards, call Dave at 720-962-8888.

Make-it-Fly Café - High Altitude Networking, where exceptional people help each otherNext Café:

Date: Thursday, April 29, 2010

Time: 4:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Cost: $10 online, $15 at the door

Location: The Wellshire Inn
3333 South Colorado Blvd., Denver, CO 80222

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