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August 4, 2009
Volume 6, Issue 15

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A Note From Dave & Victoria

Last Saturday, we attended
a very special wedding! Chelsea has helped us in the Make-it-Fly office once or twice a month since she was in high school. It’s been a joy to watch this lovely young woman mature, and now to enter a new phase in her life.

We’ve been busy planning our Fall Conference, Entrepreneurs Embracing Change—Tools for Tomorrow's Success Today. Entrepreneurs now face challenges that are virtually unparalleled. Between the economy, the Internet and the forces of nature, business owners in 2009 and 2010 are headed into unknown territories. In her keynote address, So Many Secrets - So Little Time, speaker Barbara Brannen will share 10 quick tips to help with all three of these challenges.

Make-it-Fly’s Conference for Entrepreneurs, Fall 2009There will also be 12 workshops on topics key to success in today’s marketplace. The leaders, who are all experts in their fields, will share practical, cutting-edge information you can apply right away—even that weekend. You’ll leave inspired, informed and encouraged. Click here to find out more and to save on the early bird price.

Our very best regards,

Dave and Victoria

Business Owner in the Spotlight

Chuck Fiorella, of Enrich Media

Since January, 2006, when he opened Enrich Media, Chuck Fiorella has been using video to help business owners put their best image forward. “Our tag line is Making Your Message Stick,” Chuck says. “Getting the best possible results from your online media requires a strategy that will make your message stick or, in other words, engage, enlighten and inspire your audience.”

Chuck Fiorella, Enrich Media

Enrich Media creates high-quality videos which grab the audience’s attention, provide information and inspire them to take action.

Q: What do you find most fulfilling about running your business?
CF: Working with business owners and others to create a dynamic presentation of their products and services, and really finding a core message that will resonate with their customers.

Q: What motivated you to start this business?
CF: After spending years in sales and marketing, I learned that the most important element of motivating clients is generating an emotional response. I also learned that aside from meeting in person, video is the single best way to accomplish that. Today anyone can and should take advantage of the unprecedented opportunity to really connect with their customers using online media.

Q: What book has been most helpful to you in your business?
CF: The E-Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber. 

Q: Who has influenced you most in your life?
CF: My mom. She showed me that if I want to succeed, I would have to put my all energy into the task at hand.

Q: What has proved to be your most successful marketing strategy?
CF: Networking, working with influencers and knowing that you have a 50-times better chance of appearing on the first page of a Google search result with a compelling video.

Q: What have been the greatest challenges you have had to overcome, or are currently facing, in your business?
CF: Differentiating my business from traditional video production companies.

Q: How did you benefit from participating in a Make-it-Fly® board?
CF: The relationships I made through Make-it-Fly® go beyond typical business relationships and have opened many doors for my business.

Q: What would you say to other business owners who are contemplating getting involved in a Make-it-Fly® board?
CF: Being part of a Make-it-Fly® Advisory Board has been the single best activity I have participated in since starting my business. Not only did I make a lot deal of great contacts, but it really did make me more effective in a variety of ways, including helping me to identify and stay focused in the areas which are most important to growing my business.

Chuck Fiorella can be reached by phone at: 303-331-7007, or visit his web site at: www.Enrich-Media.com.

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Dave Block, Co-Founder of Make-it-Fly

Dave’s Networking Nugget:

Find the best networking events for you and your business. When networking, ask those you meet and talk with which networking events they’ve found to be the most worthwhile and why.

Feature Article

Victoria Munro & Dave BlockA Different Approach to Marketing:
Strong Relationships Are Key
By Victoria Munro & Dave Block

Achieving success in today’s economy demands a different approach to marketing and relating to current and future clients. We can no longer rely on marketing strategies that have worked in the past. Rather, knowing that people choose to do business with those they know, like and trust, we should focus on developing those relationships.

Building strong relationships, based on trust, is key to finding and keeping loyal clients—the kind who will refer you to their friends and colleagues. Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines trust as “Assured confidence on the reliability, character, strength, or truth of someone or something.” Building such relationships is especially important to those who work closely with clients, such as lawyers, accountants, consultants, coaches, realtors, financial planners and insurance agents.

Following through on commitments made is essential to building relationships of trust. Finding out and responding to what your clients, and future clients, truly want, need and expect will further strengthen this bond. Ideally, you should aim to become a trusted advisor. The following suggestions will help you achieve this.

Ask these questions to help you understand what your clients really want:
What would you expect in an outstanding relationship with a (fill in the blank) lawyer, coach, insurance agent, etc.?

Have you worked with a (fill in the blank) before? On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being terrible and 10 being terrific), how would you rate that relationship? If the answer is less than a 10, ask what it would have taken to bring this up to a 10.

How do you prefer to communicate: by email, phone or in person?

How much explanation and detail would you like when we communicate?
What do you consider the most important aspect of customer service? Tell me about your biggest customer service frustration.
Give really good referrals:
Find out who would be an ideal customer for each of your clients. Then be on the lookout for these companies or individuals, tell them about your client and suggest they connect.
Cultivate a sincere interest in each of your clients:
Get to know and appreciate them personally. Find out what makes them tick. In casual conversation, ask about their family, interests, hobbies, passions, books they enjoy, etc.
Record your clients’ information:

Use your CRM (contact resource management) database to keep in touch often.

Keep Top of Mind:
Think about different ways to ‘touch’ clients, for example: email, hand-written notes, birthday cards, breakfast, lunch, coffee or a ballgame together.
Brainstorm other creative ways to communicate with your clients, and how you can make these ‘touches’ more meaningful.
Record your actions and ideas. Each quarter, take a few minutes to review their effectiveness.

Building strong relationships based on trust takes time and effort, but the rewards personally and financially are well worth the investment. Our world is changing rapidly. We can’t depend on marketing strategies that have worked in the past. Solid, caring, trust-based relationships will be key to thriving in the future.

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Victoria’s Marketing Advice

Let Your Clients Know They’re Appreciated
Brainstorm different ways to thank your clients and let them know you value their support. In addition to cards and ‘thank you’ notes, consider hosting a customer appreciation event—perhaps an early fall or back-to-school open house. Give a coupon or surprise them with a useful gift you know your customers will appreciate. 

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Make-it-Fly Marketplace

Make-it-Fly's Sky-PlaceIf you haven't done so already, we encourage you sign up now on Sky-Place.com - Make-it-Fly's social networking site.

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Rev NetworkingRev Networking

Up to 20 professionals, each representing one profession, meet one on one at customized speed networking events, allowing you the opportunity to have a five-minute conversation with each participant to generate leads, referrals and business. Rev Networking is not a group, as you will meet new professionals every time and people that attend are serious about growing their business by networking and power partnering with other professionals.

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The RiverfrontThe Riverfront specializes in well crafted, richly satisfying occasions that balance aesthetics, personality and party. The site is versatile, accommodating groups from fifteen to five hundred. Features include: two dance floors with professional sound and lighting, a fireplace nook, three bars, outdoor patio, and gazebo. Our personal chef, custom menus, and full suite of inclusions rank us paramount in our industry.

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Refueling Recommendations

The Make-it-Fly® Advisory Board 101

Each Make-it-Fly® Advisory Board 101 program consists of 12 non-competing business owners who meet once a month for three consecutive months. In the spirit of giving, they offer each other solutions, ideas, resources and encouragement. Dave and Victoria facilitate each group and share powerful tools to assist business owners in reaching their goals and living more balanced lives.

If you have experienced a Make-it-Fly® program, please share the following openings with other business owners who need support. Call Dave for more information at 720-962-8888.

Programs are held from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Next Advisory Board 101 in Denver:

  • Fridays - September 18, October 23, November 20

Click here to sign up for Advisory Boards.
Or call Dave at 720-962-8888.

Alumni Boards are groups of 12-14 small business owners who have participated in at least one Make-it-Fly® Advisory Board 101 and wish to continue the support and accountability with a group of like-minded, giving business associates. Members meet once a month for a three-hour meeting. If you completed the initial Make-it-Fly® Advisory Board 101 and are interested in more information on Alumni Boards, call Dave at 720-962-8888.

Make-it-Fly Café - High Altitude Networking, where exceptional people help each otherNext Café:

Date: Thursday, August 27, 2009

Time: 4:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Cost: $10 online, $15 at the door
Click here to sign up now.

Location: The Riverfront
2852 W. Bowles Ave., Littleton (One block west of Santa Fe)

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