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Business Building Ideas
Business Owners Share Success Secrets!

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Turn your business problems into money with ideas that have worked for hundreds of others! Thousands of ideas generated from the highly collaborative program for small business development, Make-it-Fly®.

Benefit today from the collective creative input of other small business owners and entrepreneurs! Business owners share the secrets of generating more customers! more cash! more productivity! greater organization! and a more balanced life! in this conveniently downloadable e-Book.

Generated in advisory board brainstorming sessions, these ideas have been edited and are cataloged under topic.

Read some excerpts:

Feeling Overwhelmed:

Identify all tasks that frustrate you or cause you to feel overwhelmed
Hire a virtual assistant to get administrative work done and keep the rest of your business organized and on track
Write a business plan or update your business plan to cover growth you’re experiencing. Get help from a professional, if needed, to get the plan done
Hire a professional organizer who will set up systems in your home and office that will help you stay organized
Keep your office uncluttered; this keeps your mind uncluttered while working in your office
Set an egg timer for 20 minutes each day to do go through the stacks
Set 15 minutes aside at the beginning or end of each day just for planning
Choose supportive friends and ask them for help
Reframe negative self talk
Make a list of ten habits to treat yourself well and do at least one a day
Get involved in a small business support group that offers encouragement and solutions to your challenges

Finding Customers:

Ask past and present customers for referrals
Clearly identify your ideal customer and your unique selling proposition, and use them
Write articles for industry publications that your customers read
Give talks in your area of expertise to service clubs
Develop free presentations or seminars that give good value
Create alliances with related businesses
Offer free consultations
Make a list of the major problems facing your ideal customers and offer a seminar to address those problems
Get fabulous testimonials from your raving fans
Host a Raving Fans party to appreciate and recruit help from the clients who love what you do

Team Building and Delegating:

Sit down with your employees and determine: What do they like to do? What do they feel comfortable doing? What are their skills?
Perform an attitude check
Together, clearly define and review duties
Share your vision for the future of the company with them
Find out who’s on board
Brainstorm with them
Talk about the benefits to them
Get them involved in your dream
Build on their personal strengths, what they’re good at
Important to get them to “buy in” to the vision
Be clear on what you need done, different areas
Get to know them really well—picnic together, families involved
Find out what motivates them
Review 10 Effective Training Tips
Document and focus on what’s most important for the business
Make expected time frames for tasks clear
Avoid picking up for them if tasks not accomplished
Read The E-Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber
Read The Peter Principle by Laurence J. Peter
Clearly define your vision—write it down

And. . .

Providing steady monthly cash flow

Find out what your competitors do
Go to past and current raving fan clients and ask for referrals
People will loan you unsecured dollars, based on your resume
Tap into your target market
Send out a press release once a month to clients and trade journals they may read
Create educational seminars to get name out and charge for them, or offer credit towards your services
Survey your target market ( to find out what their needs are and address these in seminars
Don’t underestimate the power of classified ads in lots of trade journals
Add a hot line number for people to call
Free online classified ads
Hire a PR team on a flat rate
Use yourself and your own background and experience to speak
Write a well-written two to three paragraph bio for promo use
Use your photo

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